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Term Dates 

Current Term Dates


Term 3 FY 2024 - Summer Term (Invite issued 08/04)


17th Apr (Mon) to 26th May (Sun)

Half term - No session between 27th May to 2nd Jun 24

3rd Jun (Mon) to 21st Jul 2


No Session for below dates for Venues

Half term - No session between 27th May to 2nd Jun 24

6th May 2024 (Bank Holiday)


Venue Update: Crosfield session on Mon & Tues, it has been moved Maiden Erlegh Reading (81 Crescent Road) for all the remaining session in Jul 2024.


No session for below dates specifically only for Crosfield School

5th Jul 


No session on below sessions due to cancelation from school/venue


Maiden Erlegh Reading - 8th Jun (Sat), 9th Jun (Sun), 6th Jul (Sat) & 7th Jul (Sun) 




If you haven't receive invite but expecting one, please do reach out



Last Term Dates


Term 2 FY 2024 - Winter Term (Invite issued 23/12)


8 January Monday – 11 February Sunday

19 February Monday – 31 March Sunday


No Session for below dates

12 February Monday - 18 February Sunday Half Term Break

*29 March Friday Bank Holiday Good Friday


No session on below sessions due to cancelation from school/venue


Maiden Erlegh (Erlegh) - 8th Feb 2024, 7th Mar 2024


14th Mar and 21st Mar sessions will be held at Denefield School instead. Please refer to the email dated 4th Mar 2024 from BJBA Treasurer and 14th Mar is going to be mini-tournament format, please do turn up on time


Term End Tournament Day - 9 March. Please refer to "Event" page for details.


Please do refer to your invites for your session. Invites already issued on . Should you have not receive yet, please do reach out to


Future Term Dates




Spring Term

15 April Monday - 26 May Sunday

6 May Monday Bank Holiday

27 May Monday – 2 June Sunday Half Term Break

3 June Monday -  21 July Sunday

Term End Tournament Day 13 July

*Jubilee Tournament


Specific Venue with no session

MEE - May to Jun 24 and 4th Jul 24 & 11th Jul 2024 (we use Ryeish Green Sport Hub instead)



Historical Term Dates


Term 1 FY 2024 - Autumn Term (Invite issued on 25/8/23)

04/09 Mon - 22/10 Sun (First half of the term)

23/10 Mon - 29/10 Sun (Half term - no badminton for all venue)

30/10 Mon - 17/12 Sun (Second half of the term)


Term End Tournament Day 4th Nov 2023 (Please refer to the events for details)

BJBA Fun Day / Christmas Party 8 December 2023


No badminton on below already reflected in the term fees
ALL VENUE - no badminton during 23/10 to 29/10
Sandhurst - 23/10 to 29/10 and also 18/11
Cancellation to be credited for below dates, if any
Maiden Erlegh (Thur session on 7/9 Elite Session only) & 5/10 9-10pm Elite Session only)
Maiden Erlegh (Thur session on 2/11) - NO SESSION
Maiden Erlegh (Thur session on 7/12) - NO SESSION
South Reading (Sat session) on 18/11@2021



Spring/Summer Term (Invites issued on 7/4/2023)


17/04 (Mon) - 28/05 (Sun)

29/05 (Mon) - 04/06 (Sun) - Half Term, so, no badminton

05/06 (Mon) - 23/07 (Sun)


Term End Tournament Day 15 July (place holder for now only)


NO Badminton for below dates & venue in addition to the half term above (29/5 till 4/6 inclusive)


Crosfield                              -  1/5 (Mon), 8/5 (Mon) & 7/7 (Fri)

South Reading LC               - 1/5 (Mon), 6/5 (Sat) & 8/5 (Mon)

Maiden Erlegh Reading (RG1) -  6/5 (Sat)

Maiden Erlegh Earley (RG6)    - 4/5 (Thurs)

Gyeish Green Sport Hub     - None

Loddon Valley LC                   - None


Cancellation to be credited: 

Maiden Erlegh Earley (RG6) - 4/5 (Thurs)

Crosfield  - 4th Jul 2023 (Tues)




WINTER TERM 2023 (Invitations and Invoices issued on 11/12/2022)


Start of Term: 4th Jan 2023 (Wednesday)

End of Term: 2nd Apr 2023 (Sunday)


No badminton for below dates and venue

ALL VENUE Half Term Break: 13/2/2023 till 19/2/2023

Crosfield  - TBC

South Reading - TBC

Sandhurst LC  - TBC

Maiden Erlegh School (Reading)  - TBC

Maiden Erlegh School (Earley)  - TBC


NOTE: Please refer to treasurer's email for the map shared for all the above venues.


AUTUMN TERM 2022 (Invitation and Invoices issued 17/08/2022)


Start of Term: Monday 5 September 2022 

End of Term: Sunday 18th December 2022


No badminton for below dates and venue

ALL VENUE Half Term Break: Monday 24th - Sunday 30th October 2022

Crosfield  - 17th Sep 2022 (Sat) & 19th Sep (Mon) & 24th Sep (Sat)

South Reading - 19th Sep (Mon) & 12th Nov 2022 (Sat)

Sandhurst LC  - 19th Nov 2022 (Sat)


BJBA Xmas Party: Friday 16th December 2022 at Crossfield School *


* It will be in the evening but time confirmation is subject to venue booking. 

An announcement will be made upon confirmation.



SUMMER TERM 2022 (Invites issued 13/04/2022)


Start of Term: Monday 25th April 2022 

End of Term: Sunday 17th July 2022


No badminton for the below dates and venues

ALL VENUE Half Term Break: Monday 30th May - Sunday 5th June 2022

ALL Venue - bank holiday on 2nd May 2022 (Monday)

Crossfield School - 4th, 5th & 7th Jul 2022 (Due to School Event)

Crossfield School - 3th Jul 2022 (Due to School Event)


WINTER/SPRING TERM 2022 (Invites issued 28/12/2021)


Start of Term: Tuesday 4th January 2022 

Half Term Break: Monday 21st - Sunday 27th February 2022

End of Term: Sunday 10th April 2022




Start of Term: Monday 6 September 2021 

Half Term Break: Monday 25th - Sunday 31st October 2021

End of Term: Sunday 12th December 2021


BJBA Annual General Meeting: Friday 17th December 2021 18:00 hours online