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           Junior Leagues and Tournaments


Local restricted tournaments and local Badminton England tournaments 2023


16 Sept 2023 (U14/U18) Berkshire Restricted tournaments

17 Sept 2023 (U12/U16) Berkshire Restricted tournaments


07 Oct   2023 (U13 Bronze) - BE Circuit/Sanctioned Tournament

04 Nov  2023 (U15 Silver) - BE Circuit/Sanctioned Tournament


BJBA does arrange end of term tournament for BJBA Raw Start and Raw Potential Players on 1/7/2023 (via invitation only). In addition, we are also holding other in-house tournament (via invitation only).

There are opportunities for BJBA players in both local tournaments and leagues:


Berkshire Restricted Tournaments


Anyone who lives in Berkshire, goes to school in Berkshire or was born in Berkshire is eligible to enter Berkshire restricted tournaments.  The tournaments are organized by age group and gender- under 12s, under 14s and under 16s, according to BE age criteria and usually take place in September.  There are normally singles and doubles events, and sometimes mixed doubles too. The strongest children are normally seeded, and children play several group matches, with the top one or two children in each group progressing to the knock out phase.  Winners and runners up in each event receive a trophy.  Results help the head coach make Shires League selections.



ACDBL League


This league is organized by clubs in Surrey, and last year we entered two teams for the first time.  Teams compete according to age group- under 10s, 12s, 14s, and 16s (according to school year, not Badminton England age groups, so, for example: under 10s means anyone in Year 5 or below) and gender.  We hope to enter more teams this year if we are able to recruit team managers to run teams. All BJBA players who meet the age group/gender criteria for a team will be considered for matches.  Team managers organize teams based on a list of players provided by BJBA.  The matches are played from September to April, and the number of matches a team plays can vary from four to ten, depending on the team.


ACDBL Tournaments


All children who play at BJBA are eligible to enter ACDBL tournaments, if they have played in an ACDBL league team.  These tournaments are also organized by age group and gender, and within each age groups there are normally two groups, so stronger players play off against each other, but players who are less experienced also have the chance to be successful in a less challenging group.  Doubles tournaments take place over two weekends in the Autumn term, and singles in the Spring term.


ACDBL Tournament dates: TBC


Please note this tournament is open to BJBA players who are in Raw Start, Raw Potential, Raw ID, Gold, Silver and Bronze, as well as other players who are in an ACDBL squad this year.