Berkshire Junior Badminton

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Badminton England Performance Centre

2018 Berkshire Closed Tournaments were held on the 22nd/23rd Sept. 


The results were as follows:



Girls singles winner: Avani

Girls singles runner up: Jemima

Boys singles winner: James

Boys singles runner up: Gideon

Girls doubles winners: Avani and Jemima

Boys doubles winners: James and Riley

Boys doubles runners up: Moksha and Gideon

Mixed doubles winners: Moksha and Avani

Mixed doubles runners up: Gideon and Jemima



Girls singles winner: Sofie

Girls singles runner up: Holly

Boys singles winner: Ivan

Boys singles runner up: Dillon

Girls doubles winners: Sofie and Lydia

Girls doubles runners up: Tranthini and Ruby

Boys doubles winners: Ivan and David

Boys doubles runners up: Vinay and Ethan

Mixed doubles winners: Dillon and Sofie

Mixed doubles runners up: David and Tranthini


Girls singles winner: Lily

Girls singles runner up: Saatvika

Boys singles winner: Dillon

Boys singles runner up: Achyvttam

Girls doubles winners:Lily and Sofie

Girls doubles runners up: Saatvika and Geethika

Boys doubles winners: Jack and Aryan

Boys doubles runners up: Jolly and harvey

Mixed doubles winners: Lily and Ethan

Mixed doubles runners up: Ivan and Anuva


Girls singles winner: Anoushka

Girls singles runner up: Alicia

Boys singles winner: Alex

Boys singles runner up: Anthony

Girls doubles winners: Alicia and Geethika

Girls doubles runners up: Anoushka and Lily

Boys doubles winners:Toby and Anthony

Boys doubles runners up: Alex and Lucas

Mixed doubles winners: Alex and Anoushka

Mixed doubles runners up: Anthony and Alicia