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SUMMER FUN DAY ( 8th Jul 2022 6.30 - 10pm)


All BJBA squad players, coaches and the parents are invited to our Summer Play Day at Crosfield School on 8th Jul 2022 (Friday) from 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm.


Variety of Food and beverages are provided on the day. Parents are welcome to join in for some games. Looking forward to seeing you there !!





Date Event

9th Jul 2022 (Sat)

9am - 12.45pm (Crosfield)

Raw Start End of Term Tournament (existing BJBA Raw Start Players only)

9th Jul 2022 (Sat)

12.45pm - 4.30pm (Crosfield)

Raw Potential End of Term Tournament (existing BJBA Raw Potential Players only)





You should receive invitation email from Boon Heng Tan for the session that you have been invited to.