Berkshire Junior Badminton

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Berks Junior County Tournament Teams & Dates

All our Berkshire County teams fall under age groups in line with national tournaments

Shires League 2017-18


The county teams below include all players who have repesented the county this year.  Coaches select the County teams, and this is done on a match by match basis, depending on how players are performing in training and in other tournaments.  


Under 12 Berkshire Team - David, Ethan, Vinay, James, Sofie, Holly, Tranthini, Ruby, Simone

Under 14 Berkshire Team- Anuva, Anagha, Shreya, Lydia, Sofie, Dillon, David, Jason, Dhruv, Ivan, Ethan

Under 16 Berkshire Team- Lily, Anoushka, Sanjana, Alicia, Luke, Alex, Toby, Lucas

Under 18 Berkshire Team- Alex, Toby, Anthony, Mattie, Anoushka, Beth, Alicia, Lily